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Welcome to Rosebud’s  Chamber of Commerce. This website has been compiled by the Rosebud Chamber of Commerce, which represents the local businesses in town.


Rosebud Chamber of Commerce has a focus to foster and encourage business growth in Rosebud. The Chamber organises relevant promotions and events to encourage visitation to the town and also lobby’s local government on relevant issues to maximise benefits for the Rosebud and its businesses.


The Chamber of Commerce Committee meets on the first Wednesday of every month, starting at 6pm, upstairs at the Rosebud Hotel.

All local business owners are welcome to attend. Contact the Chamber for further details

Rosebud has had a Special Promotional Fund for the past 16 years. The general purpose – To collectively market, promote and manage the town, encourage business growth and visitation to the town to the benefit of businesses within Rosebud.

Collectively everyone can achieve more to benefit the town! Rosebud needs YOU behind it.


Note: The Annual General Meeting was held in August 2019.

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